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Région Centre - Financial support for "Innovation" project. In collaboration with GREMAN Institute (Université François Rabelais in Tours), 3D-Oxides has reinforced its thin film combinatorial growth facility with the development of a novel instrument for UV to THz spectroscopy enabling faster characterization of combinatorial materials. The company 3D-printing process for multi-functional materials was further enhanced to achieve a disruptive micro and nano-combinatorial facility. (01/02/2012 to 31/12/2014)




interegNanobium project has involved four partners, namely 3D-Oxides and the University of Franche-Comté in France and HEPIA and ABCD Technology in Switzerland. The goal was to develop a 3D bio-compatible thin film material with optical and electrical properties enabling stimulation of stem cells. Nb-doped TiO2 thin films with further doping elements provided very interesting functional properties for neuron cell growth. (01/01/2013 to 29/05/2015)



3D-Oxides 3D-printing facility has provided an amazing 3D-tag. A unique fingerprint based on material properties with micron resolution enables unique traceability (QR-code) and anti-counterfeiting features. The tag can also be integrated onto electronic devices to provide cyber-security and cryptography functions.



ANRT_QThe main challenge of the CBVD deposition technique is the lack of available chemical precursors. To date, standard commercial compounds are developed and optimized for the CVD or, more recently, for ALD techniques. In collaboration with the CNRS institute IRCELYON  and through the national project "Thèse Cifre" providing a PhD student, 3D-Oxides is working on the development of new specific precursors suitable for high-vacuum conditions. (03/2015-02/2018)